Who's been viewing me?

Monitor who is viewing your profile.

Each day hundreds of people search, view and contact each other on the wbesite. Our stats system allows you to see what's happening behind the scenes.

  • Who has viewed me?
    See who's been checking you out in your - vital statistics.

    A heart next to a username indicates that they are on your friends list.

  • My Favouritess

    Seen a profile you like? Add it to your favourites list for easy reference. To add a member to your favourites list click on the '+friend' icon when viewing the profile.

  • Who has contacted me?
    Check your contacts by going into your inbox and reading your mail.

  • What is this weekly email I keep receiving about my views?
    Each week we send you an email telling you who has been viewing your profile recently.

  • How can I get more people looking at my profile?

    The two easiest ways to increase you views are to upload a photo and to ensure you regularly update your profile. We list matching profiles in order of those most recently updated. You can do this by going to the character section and clicking 'update'. You don't actually have to change any text.

FAQs / Who's been viewing me?
Last updated : 15/10/12