Playing Blind Date

Play BlindDate on the website with other singles.

This is a fun game you can play to find out more about your potential dates: what they like/don't like, what makes them tick, and for them to find out more about you. Use your wit and warmth to win the heart and mind of Snow White or Prince Charming.

The lucky lady/gentleman then prepares three questions, which the contestants will all answer. Once all three contestants have answered all three questions the lucky lady/gentleman gets to select one (and only one) of the contestants.

On selecting a winner you'll be shown their profile, but you'll never get to see who you have turned down - so choose wisely.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about how to play the blind date game. If you have any problems not answered below, please email

  • How do I join a game?

    Select 'blind date' from the menu bar and then choose to 'Answer questions.' You will be presented with the current games.

  • What kind of answers should I give... are there any rules?

    There are no rules as such, every game is different. We've seen some terrific answers and some pretty terrible ones. It's up to you to sparkle and delight.

  • How do I start a new game?
    Select 'blind date' from the menu bar and then choose to 'Ask questions.'

  • What kind of questions should I ask?

    These are your 3 magic questions, so be as challenging, direct, and engaging as you like (but no obscenity!). Here are some sample questions.

  • How do I select a winner?

    When 3 people have answered your magic questions you will receive an email inviting you to choose a winner. Just select one of the 3 and they'll receive a heart-warming email to let them know they won blind date.

  • I didn't win and now I feel sad...

    Don't worry! There are plenty more games to play - or why not ask your own questions, that way you're always a winner.

    FAQs / Playing Blind Date
    Last updated : 12/05/11