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Annas4851, Hampshire
Bhagavad Gita
All types
Jaws, Dil Chahta Hai & The Green Mile
Coming soon
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Roshers25, London
The Power of Now
Stairway to Heaven
Forrest Gump
Live simply so others may simply live
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ArtsyMoon9128, East Sussex
Thug Kitchen
Electro-swing, Soundtrack
Disney, Marvel, Star Wars & LotR
No night is forever, the sun will always rise!
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Bluebell_woods50, Somerset
historical novels
varies with my mood
Something with beautiful scenery like Lord of the Rings, Avatar or Poldark.
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society
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Veganara52, London
The Lord 0f The Rings
Walking In A Winter Wonderland.
The Illusionist
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claire flair bear55, Hereford and Worcester
Dont lets go to the dogs tonight
Tennessee love - Yelawolf
The remains of the day
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
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green jello44, Gloucestershire
The Millennium Trilogy
Bonobo - Walk In The Sky (Feat. Bajka)
the universe is not about you..
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Animals are Awesome43, East Sussex
Leslie Kenton, Journey to Freedom
That's a hard one...
Lord of the Rings
It is better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness - Chinese ...
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Gaijinni44, Oxfordshire
Living Among Meat Eaters by Carol Adams
at the moment Life Goes On by Noah and the Whale
The Alien films
Only Connect ...
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christineg45, Swansea
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency -by Alexander McCall Smith
Different Worlds (Acoustic) by Jes Hudak, Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Once, The Secret Life of Words, LOTR, Dune (1965), Autumn Rush, Ameli, Harry ...
“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ― Aristotle
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xvxtrovert26, Norfolk
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! - Sheldon Kopp
Flowers by the Door - TSOL
Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
Don't set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.
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SoftKitty35, Kent
The Time Traveller's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)
First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes)
In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?
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Alisonlouise51, East Sussex
Bright Eyes.
The Matrix
But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the s...
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pip561, Buckinghamshire
winnie the pooh
bill and ben
some mothers do av'em
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momobird69, Devon
Still Here Now, Brixton Beach
Wild, wild, life
The Gods Must be Crazy
Everything passes
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leahthevegan122, London
A lot
Spirited Away
Coming soon
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strawberry snog42, Lancashire
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Cat's Eye / Sacred Country / The Divine Pl...
Young Folks, Scorpio Rising, Angeles, Gorecki, Lullaby, Low Place Like Home, ...
Nil By Mouth / Amelie / One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest / Baraka / Anything QT
Be Alright
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Belinda-x49, Greater Manchester
Flowers for Algernon
cant take my eyes off you
sexy Beast
You can judge a nation by how they treat their animals!
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rakbhima26, London
I try not to read fiction- History books, Conan Doyle, Virgil of Rome, Orwell
Pandit Ravi Shankar
I don't watch films or own a Television.
''Dharmosmad Kuladaivatam''
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jelly_in_the_oven36, Devon
Musings on Human Metamorphoses by Timothy Leary
Sex over phone by The Village People
best house insurance quote?
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