MissSquab24, West Midlands
"Looking for like-minded people to talk with :)"
Favourite Book: Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs etc. H.P Lovecraft
Favourite Song: The Smiths and the smiths and the smiths
Favourite Film: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Favourite Quote: ‘ You must not loose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the whole ocean does not become dirty’

Additional Information

3 things I could not live without:
Animals. MakeUp. Tattoos
A bit about me...:
I'm Kate and I'm currently studying Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation at University. My main interest is in cetaceans and I am very fond of Orca's in particular, they're intelligence really fascinates me and I would like to study them further and work with marine conservation. For me to be able to have a career in this field would just be outstanding to know that I, myself would be contributing to making the world a better place.

Apart from a soft side to me who's interested in nature and the environment I am also a lover of anything fabulous. I love glitter, glamour makeup, drag queens you name it. I find it's a fun way to express myself and a lot of people are often put off by this as they find it different, strange not the normal etc. Normals boring, to me putting on loads of makeup on and dressing up doesn't hurt anybody and is just a form of fun and expression and makes me happy.

I like to think that I'm a nice person, I'm open minded, caring, compassionate, spiritual and really laid back and it'd be nice to talk and even spend time with like minded people.

I’m really into music particularly 80’s music but I’m very open to listening to lots of different genres and artists.

I like the slightly darker and weirder side of life; I’m attracted to anything strange and unusual and I’m a massive horror movie fan. At the same time I like the opposite; pink is my life and I love everything cute and fluffy.
For me the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian are...:
Knowing that I don't contribute to the cruelty of the meat/dairy/egg industry and it’s detrimental effects on the environment. It has also made me feel like a much better person in general, I feel more healthy, active, lively etc.
Funniest/worst comment I regularly hear about being a veggie/vegan...:
Ugh...' what do you eat then? ' and ' surely dairy doesn't hurt cows? ' and when people ask why you are vegan and you explain to them nicely and they just try and argue.
If I could be any animal for a day, I would be a... because...:
A pigeon so I could poo on all them haters out there that won't feed me or shoe me out the way just because I'm a tubby little squab
If I won the lottery I would...:
Buy myself a few homes in different countries as I love travelling, buy a home for my mum. I’d love open and run my own animal sanctuary. I’d like continue working but as a volunteer abroad with animals/people.
My favourite vegan / vegetarian meal is?:
I love, love, LOVE Japanese food.
My ideal vacation would be:
I'd love to go to Vancouver and Kayak with orca's. Japan; I love Japanese culture. Africaaa!

Quick Details

Body Type: Curvy
Diet: vegan
Do I have children?: No
Do I want chidren?: No
Dream home: Beach House, House in the country, Nomadic
Drink?: Socially
Education: University
Eye Color: Blue
Favourite music: Darkwave, Garage, Indie, Punk, Rock
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5ft - 5ft3
Hobbies: Art, Cinema, Cooking, Fashion, Live Music, Music, Reading, Relaxing!, Shopping, Sleeping!, Sports/Fitness, The Arts, Travelling, Video Games
Languages: English
Love: Animals, Chest hair, Exercise, Journeys, Piercings, Politics, Poodles, Reality TV, Tattoos
Love less!: Mornings, Winter
Religion: Pagan, Spiritual
Smoke?: Occasionally
Star sign: Gemini
Style of dress: Heels, heels, heels!
Vegan/Veggie for:: 5 - 10 years
Vegetarian because:: Moral reasons
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