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relaxed, true, honest, funny,
Serious but I laugh easily. Humility and humour are where it's at for me. I can laugh at myself and at the absurdity of much human behaviour however i'm not cynical or world weary. I'm curious about lots of stuff too.
I would be so grateful to have a vegan woman in my life, I have been vegan just about all my life but never really had any meaningful relationship with a female because of my vegan values. I am a warm hearted fun loving person who enjoys having a laugh, I'm talkative, positive minded & playful. I have been a vegan since the age of 16 & was lacto-veggie 10 years before that & I'm a little spiritual. Interests include good food, comedy, music, talking, kids, computers, home improvement, alternative energies, singing, tv & travelling. Newcastle is a fairly vegan friendly place and I know a few vegans through local groups as well as up & down the country through going to various vegan events over the years.
Passionate/caring/kind/thoughtful/ gentle/loyal/loving/romantic/emotional...and funny, if you share my sense of humour. It's maybe clear from other comments what my views on the animal kingdom are, I agree with a quote I heard today, "A human's right, and an animal's right, is to live, to feel, to be free" and similarly on the Bionic Vet program, "Animals have the right to Life, and to a good quality of life"...Those quotes sum up my views on animals and their rights, and our responsibility to protect them and do whatever we can for them. Damn, I sound terribly serious, I'm not really, I have a sense of fun and frivolity. Someone described me as enigmatic, so maybe I should just put that word in to this section and save you falling asleep reading this twaddle.