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A few of the comments from people who've used our service. We hope we can help many many more!

Love is in the air

  • "I am delighted to let you know that via your website I have started a wonderful new relationship and we have both fallen in love! Ahhh!I would like to thank you for being instrumental to our happiness, we're both having a wonderful time!"
  • "here's my huge and heartfelt thank you for introducing me to an awesome, lovely, funny, kind and gorgeous dude. (First date lucky too!) He sounded ace on the website, and turned out he was - three months on and we haven't stopped smiling..."
  • "Hi, Thank you very much for your wonderful service which has introduced me to my lovely partner!!
    We started emailing a few weeks ago and decided to do the scary drink thing as we live only 20 minutes from each other......... on our first date we just hit it off big-time. We found that we were incredibly compatible and each had exactly what the other was looking for......... and they actually had to throw us out of the pub at closing time! We sat at the bar on a Sunday night in an Irish pub and after a couple of drinks the barman actually asked us if we were on our first date...... then was it a blind date?......... then was it via an internet site! That was a bit scary, but who cares, we had a great time. On our second date, two days later, we met up for dinner and yet again they had to throw us out at closing time. Suffice to say the rest is history............. we spend as much time together as possible and are really happy. We just can't believe our luck. We both had unhappy first marriages and this has given us both real happiness for the first time in a long time.
    Anyway.......... thank you. You have made two (usually quite focused, somewhat professional and intelligent people over the age of 30 act like a pair of teenagers)............ he gave me a key on Sunday........ watch this space! xx

  • "Hey guys, I met *** back in January and we've been seeing each other ever since... This is quite impressive seeing as I've never been in a relationship for more than a few weeks before. Call me picky but...!
    I first contacted him via the site... after deciding he definitely had the hottest picture on the site! ... when *** walked in through the pub doors I recognised him straight away from his pic and he saw me too, and I definitely thought "wow!" He looked much better in real life and the first thing I wondered was why was he using the site to get a date, but then I remembered I was too and it wasn't because I was incapable of meeting people in 'real life'. We got chatting and it all went from there!
    I never expected to meet someone via internet dating, I usually meet people in bars or get asked out by randoms, but recently I have concluded that this is definitely not the way and is responsible for my string of short relationships! It was nice meeting *** for the first time because we knew so much about each other already and therefore it helped to make me feel like we 'clicked.'"

  • "Thank you so much for a great site, its an excellent way to meet likeminded people...
    I met a great guy only a couple of weeks after registering. We had 'the talk' last week and decided that the time had come to take ourselves off the market and try out life as a 'couple'. Wish us luck...needless to say if it all goes pear shaped, I'll be back ;o)' K"

  • "Hey, Just wanted to thank you guys for a cool time on a wicked site! Its only been like a month but I had a great time and kinda wish that it wasn't over! However, as a gesture to a certain guy I thought it was time to give up the fun & flirting and see where it takes us.
    So once again, ta.....the best site I have ever been on with lots of cool things to do and some pretty darn cool people! Take care, P"

  • "Hi Guys,
    Please remove my profile from the site. I have found her in less than 7 days !
    Cheers For everything"

  • "Thanks to your great site I’ve met my soulmate!! It’s taken a while but it’s been worth the wait."

  • "Hi Simon Hi Chris!
    I am in love with a veggie man I met ... Thanks for everything wonderful ya'll are doing! I have met three people that are my friends, I am grateful for that! Blessings to you both!"

  • "I would like to thanky you for your fab web site thanks to I have found my "perfect match" and though early days yet inbarking (sic) on a new relationship...."

  • "Thanx for a great service and for bringing like minded people together.
    If my situation changes I would have no problem with putting all my details straight back on again.
    Thanks again.

  • "just a quick email to let you know since meeting a someone on here called *** we have become a item and we are getting married next year we want to thank you for putting a web site up so people can meet there soulmate like l have thanks again"

They sign on, they sign off... sigh...

  • thanks for everything guys, met somebody through your site!!!!!!!!!
    will be back if it doesn't work out, hope thats not soon!!!!

  • "thank you for the wonderful sight (sic) you made it all possible."

  • "Dear team,
    Thank you for every thing you have done for me... it has been a success, which is why I'm writing yo (sic) inform you that I would like to be removed from the boards!"

  • "Hi,
    Please remove me from your database as I am currently dating someone (hurrah!)... thank you very much, I've enjoyed using your website."

  • "I just wanted to send you another thank you. Ive tried a bunch of other sites... Your site is the best, easiest to navigate, funest to visit, and over flowing with interesting people. I haven't met "the one yet" (maby) but Im sure I will thanks to you and chris or chris and you which ever it is.
    so thank you
    thank you
    thank you"

Well isn't that just the sweetest thing. Thank you too, to everyone who has used the site - we hope we can help many more more!