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Creating & Updating your Profile

Since we started Veggie Romance
we've seen some scrumptious profiles that have made us melt and some real shockers that have made us run to our mammas! The profile is easy to update and can be edited at any time... so you decide - are you a Shocker! or are you Truly Scrumptious?

Profile Questions

This section of your profile is your calling card, an opportunity to say both what you are like and what you look for in a person. What makes you tick. What makes you YOU? But to avoid being a shocker you should answer at least 4 free text questions

  • Do I have to complete all the questions?

    No, you can skip questions. Only answer those questions you feel comfortable with. If, for instance, you're not sure what you'd do if you won the lottery (are you mad?!) just leave that question blank.

  • What detail should I give?

    When writing your profile try and think how it reads to another person. Have a look at other profiles, see what other people have written. What attracts you to a profile?

    • Take this question: I would describe myself as.... If you write 'erm... dunno...', or 'a man' you're not exactly selling yourself. Would you be attracted by someone who can't say anything of interest in a profile that describes their own personality? If you can't be bothered making the effort on your profile then why should anyone bother with you? Instead, let your character shine through! What are your characteristics, what do you look for in others? What floats your boat? There are infinite ways you can let your personality emerge.

    • For your own safety and privacy, don't include any contact details (email address or phone number) in your profile.


  • Can I edit the profile?

    Yes, you can edit and update the information as many times as you want.

Profile Lists

Select the appropriate options from the lists of physical characteristics and interests. This information helps us match you with other users, so the more information you enter, the better. The selections can also be a talking point when you're exchanging messages with other members.

Dating Doctor

We've seen tens of thousands of profiles, some wonderful, some which had sent us reaching for the delete button... so if you want us to cast our eye over your profile just drop us a line and we'll let you know if you're truly scrumptious or a real shocker.

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Last updated : 20/04/11