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yelleen, online this week50, Wiltshire
To Kill a Mockingbird
Free Bird
Erin Brokovich
“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of...
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miffy, online this week46, West Midlands
Ghost of a chance - William Burroughs
Sunday morning - The Velvet Underground
Where the wild thing are.
An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.
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Aknovi33, London
Animal farm
No idea, there are too many
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists...
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Mrs. Rossi 4643, Nottinghamshire
Secret Seven
Uprising by Muse
Hot Fuzz
Life is too short; if you blink you could miss it
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MissFortune38, Greater Manchester
Creed - James Herbert
American Gigolo
Every good man nowadays has his disciples, and it is always Judas who writes ...
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amywhereonearth24, Dorset
The Year of the Flood
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
my body will not be a tomb for other creatures
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SB136, London
Currently reading 1984
Currently listening to Paolo Nutini
A Bout de Souffle
Reverse Optimism
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NewFaceInHell48, Hertfordshire
Master and Margarita
Anything by Idles
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I'm forever near a stereo saying " What the f**k is this garbage?" and the an...
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Maeve52, Shropshire
Consider Phlebas
Summertime by Janis Joplin
From Dusk till Dawn
Coming soon
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jess170624, Surrey
Most Psychology Books
Anything Lana Del Rey
Devil Wears Prada
Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering. - Dalai Lama
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Still running57, Suffolk
The Magic Apple Tree
Out of africa
I can resist anything but temptation
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cordie45, Leicestershire
Jitterbug perfume
Disarm - smashing pumpkins
"I only want to live in peace, plant potatoes, and dream"
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KasiaG31, Leicestershire
The Alchemist
Nights in White Satin
Betty Blue
Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absentminded. Someone sober will worry a...
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begonia147, London
Remains of the Day Kazua Ishiguro
Is that all there is ? Peggy Lee
Black Cat White Cat
dance like nobody's watching love like you've never been hurt
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Tessie159, North Yorkshire
dog books
Frankie & Johnny
Cannot think of one currently
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MaggieC73, Wiltshire
Anything by Alison Weir
'I love's you Porgy' Ella Fitzgerald
Cabaret, Love Actually
"I'd rather let my arm rot in it's sleeve, before I picked up my pen to vote ...
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SMK66, West Midlands
Anything by Glenn Patterson
Summertime in England/Daydream Believer
His Girl Friday
Too late to stop now
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Guineveretoo62, Greater London
Lord of the rings
Queen of the night
lord of the rings
Coming soon
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moniq12364, West Sussex
Bill Bryson- Any
Someone Like You
American Beauty
If you can't be good be clever
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Flower girl31, Cardiff
Shantram (Gregory D Roberts)
Damian Marley ( Road to Zion)
sean of the dead
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