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mizzmazz38, Hampshire
I love
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Ash47, City of Edinburgh
Live and let live
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Dahlia149, East Sussex
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Arc of your Malet- Benjamin Brelain
Another year-Mike Leigh
A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step
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alimamokan25, London
Far from the madding crowd
ZZTop - Gimme all your lovin
American beauty
To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance was something that just happened to other p...
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Izzy129, London
Noughts and Crosses
Perfect Strange- Jonas Blue
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you di...
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Rubi_blue30, London
His Dark Materials
You Got The Love
Devil Wears Prada
There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you...
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christineg45, Swansea
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency -by Alexander McCall Smith
Different Worlds (Acoustic) by Jes Hudak, Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Once, The Secret Life of Words, LOTR, Dune (1965), Autumn Rush, Ameli, Harry ...
“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ― Aristotle
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strawberry snog42, Lancashire
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Cat's Eye / Sacred Country / The Divine Pl...
Young Folks, Scorpio Rising, Angeles, Gorecki, Lullaby, Low Place Like Home, ...
Nil By Mouth / Amelie / One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest / Baraka / Anything QT
Be Alright
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Labrightonian126, East Sussex
Noughts and crosses
The Kooks - Seaside
Ace Ventura
Actions express priorities
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sweet_veggie_girl32, Lancashire
A drunkard's tale
Killer's when we were young
boom chicka wa wa.
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Belinda-x49, Greater Manchester
Flowers for Algernon
cant take my eyes off you
sexy Beast
You can judge a nation by how they treat their animals!
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Sweet Rani41, E Riding of Yorkshire
Any by Dave Peltzer
Friday I'm in Love - The Cure
At the moment - Man on Fire
I am what I am and f*ck off the rest of you
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Evie wonder41, Greater Manchester
Bhagvad Gita
Venetian snares
Star Wars
Time heals, time destroys (Shakespeare)
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serpentbite35, Greater Manchester
Philp Pullmans trilogy from Northen Lights to the Amber spyglass (the Subtle...
Evanescence-snow white queen imangiry, bring me to life, smashing pumpkins-Av...
The Mothman Prophecies, Dreamcatcher, The Matrix, Mirror Mask, Interview with...
I Am In One Of Those Dreams Where I Just Keep On Falling
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ramas8434, Surrey
Romeo & Juliet
Love takes time Mariah Carey
Snow white and the7dwarfs
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minkie32, Greater London
skinny bitch
aaliyah - try again
just be yourself!
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