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ruggedwest53, Powys
The Millennial Project
Nocturne (Kate Bush)
What the Bleep Do We know
Eating meat stems from profit and greed, not well-being or need
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PinkPanther51, Hampshire
depends on mood
the deerhunter
life is journey not a destination
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BornAgain129, Midlothian
Clokwork Orange, ANTHONY BURGESS
Terminator 2
You've got to believe that the world is more than just the sum of it's parts,...
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scousephil42, Greater London
Great Expectations
Son of Sam - Elliot Smith
The Third Man
You are not what you own.
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akbal39, Kent
awakening-tony mello
into the wild
iam that iam
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samedney1831, Hampshire
fear and loathign in las vegas
shine on you crazy diamond
American beauty
too weird to live, to rare to die
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Strimmerman57, Gwynedd
Lord of the Rings
Free Bird
The Blues Brothers
I have a dream
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jojob6652, East Dunbartonshire
Wild Swans
Free Bird
Schinder's List
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hoginthemud67, Derbyshire
catcher in the rye
like a rollig stone
you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
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Phoenix355, Cheshire
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Many Rivers To Cross
Pulp Fiction ..Leon..
' Most of our imports come from overseas!' (George W.Bush)
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Joe435, Bristol Avon
Holidays in Cambodia -Dead Kenedys
Brazil.By terry gillingham
Don't push me kos I'm close to the edge
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juicy163, Cornwall
Numerology and the Divine Triangle
Working Class Hero
The Princess Bride
Life is what you make it
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LBSIM34, Leicestershire
Coming soon
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jake550, Kent
Arundunti Roy: God of Small Things
John Lennon: Imagine
Moulin Rouge
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Carrot246, Greater London
Short history of everything
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eternal sunshime of the spotless mind
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mvonb46, Merseyside
canon in D
close encounters
just do it
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