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Simon1435, Greater Manchester
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Dead Souls
Fight Club
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
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deathinaveggiepatty32, Greater London
life of pi
duck em'
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brightside30, Greater London
Art of Happiness
White Rabbit
Donnie Darko
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ben_james38, Berkshire
doing nothing
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sufiyogi46, Greater London
notthing to everything
italian life
lost fort
thats what i want-money
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black violins39, East Sussex
post office, ask the dust, tales of ordinary madness, factotum, fear and loat...
punk, 80s, indie rock etc..
old boy, amelie, french new wave, noir, art house, world cinema, asian extree...
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Tree Hugger249, Cambridgeshire
No Logo
Little Fluffy Clouds
Life Of Brian
Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em/That I've got no cerebellum
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nickhu78973, Lincolnshire
da vinci code
Coming soon
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SKUNKMAN66653, Newport
Heaven and Hell
Golden Brown
Mid Night Express
Kiss Me
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pete1558, Berkshire
diaspora greg egan
bee off (not really)
a beginning is a delicate time
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Mojo458, Berkshire
Notes From a Small Island.
Radio Gnome Invisible. Gong
Love and Death. Woody Allen
Wherever you are its your friends who make your world
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richie384636, Swansea
Anything with notes in (musical notes, I mean!)
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
The Matrix
Coming soon
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Luke232, Hertfordshire
Mr Nice
Robin Trower- Little Girl
Ace ventura 1 and 2!
when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace...
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Spiral51, Greater London
Africa. Biography of a continent
Jeb Rand - Bedouin Soundclash
Dear, I know nothing of either, but when I try to imagine a faultless love, ...
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Bobbydigital35, Nottinghamshire
God Delusion Richard Dawkins
Burn - the Cure
Life Aquatic
yo yo buddy yup yup word to ya mutha
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tibbie180, Cumbria
the one i am reading
dont cry for me argentina by elaine page
into the void
expect nothing
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mrbaggins24733, Lancashire
Lord of the Rings
Kula Shaker- Great Hosanah
Withnail and I
Time's an illusion, lunchtime doubly so...
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scousephil42, Greater London
Great Expectations
Son of Sam - Elliot Smith
The Third Man
You are not what you own.
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powpownozzo48, Bedfordshire
Stephen Hawking A brief history of time
Paul Oakenfold - Hypnotised
Me Myself and Irene
78.6% of statistics are made up
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littlefluffycloud41, Greater London
heart of darkness
dissolution (the clouds disperse) by ozric tentacles
raiders of the lost ark
they don't come much closher than that!
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