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johnpaddy56, London
Song for Ireland
live and let live
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Cc1imposter47, South Yorkshire
Holst Planet Suite, Jupiter
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Kneel down now
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DonWat46, City of Edinburgh
A classic, a history book, or a self-improvement book
Saenger in Ketten
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veggie4480459, Dorset
All creatures great & small
Bohemian rapsody
Pretty woman
Coming soon
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Rthorn24, Lancashire
In The Shadow of Man
Strawberry Fields
Nowhere Boy
Coming soon
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slinkystar53, South Yorkshire
my girl [madness]
comedy drama
don't live your life by quotes
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Maetreya42, Greater London
dress up in you
Butterfly kiss
Coming soon
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desilva52, South Yorkshire
Too many, but mainly biogs.
Why does my heart feel so bad- Moby. among so many.
First blood and a 100 others.
No worries.
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Morganism7147, Nottinghamshire
The Great Gatsby
Roadhouse Blues
Cinema Paradiso
Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes
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Rebel Peacemaker34, London
Books by Gandhi, A.J. Muste, M.L. King, Rosa Luxemburg, Steven Best, Gary Fra...
very eclectic, from medieval troubador music to System of a Down
"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution...
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rawkiwi44, London
The ancient wisdom of the chinese tonic herbs
I like so many
all kinds but I\'m not always watching tv or movies
want to make god laugh, tell him/her your plans
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David&Pooch48, Derbyshire
Message in a Bottle
Still pondering this one...
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slapdash41, Greater London
Wild Swans
The Everlasting
Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans
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Midlands Guy37, West Midlands
Dhammapada or the Power of Now???
Lateralus by Tool
American Beauty
Since death is certain and the time of death is uncertain, what is the most i...
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boogaloo dude58, Surrey
To kill a mockingbird
life on mars
Coming soon
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DannyTheDog40, London
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Brian Tyler - Now You See Me
Twelve Monkeys
"The Blood Of Christ? Tastes like merlot to me!"
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riverman342, Essex
on the road
too many to choose
spinal tap
I may be hungry but i sure aint weird. Captain beefheart
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MrMcGoo42, Hereford and Worcester
Lord of the Rings (all 3)
Cotton Wool - Lamb (K&D Remix) or Letting The Cable Sleep - Bush (remix version)
Star Wars
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charlesc38, East Sussex
life of pi
alpha blondy jerusalem
arrested development/thankyou for smoking
what you seek is seeking you - Rumi
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ianbradbury38, Norfolk
The Seventh Scroll
Fix You
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet yo...
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