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Streuth44, Greater Manchester
Bleak House
Your song
Shawshank Redemption
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samedney1831, Hampshire
fear and loathign in las vegas
shine on you crazy diamond
American beauty
too weird to live, to rare to die
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Strimmerman57, Gwynedd
Lord of the Rings
Free Bird
The Blues Brothers
I have a dream
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667 (neighbour of the beast)47, Greater London
All Men Are Mortal
Dancing Girl (Terry Callier)
Story of the weeping camel
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Ishtar49, East Sussex
The Talisman
Will you
injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
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tofuboy46, Pembrokeshire
confederacy of dunces
western sky by american music club
its a wonderful life
consistency is for fools (oscar wilde)
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Edgar31, West Yorkshire
Mind Power in to the 21st Century
Let It Be
Green Mile
Imagination is more important than knowledge
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da_en1gma37, Tyne and Wear
Diet for a new america
the long road - by Tiger Army
american psycho
I would rather have a mind open by wonder than one closed by belief - Gerry S...
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Theverybadgardener55, Hereford and Worcester
Catch 22
Ride a white swan
Big Blue
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Jonnie Falafel53, North Yorkshire
The Pig Who Sang To The Moon
Nettie Moore
The Hours
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veggie guy45, Greater Manchester
New York Trilogy
Cedar Room - Doves
Straight Story
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ade10145, Leicestershire
lord of the rings
move over darling - doris day
star wars (sorry)
the only thing that matters is having a good time, all the rest is propaganda
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johnnybleatarn55, Cumbria
the dead of jericho
straight to hell- clash
Once upon a time in the west
it is better to live like a lion than die like a dog
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rich2249, Greater London
To kill a mocking bird
Me We
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Carrot246, Greater London
Short history of everything
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eternal sunshime of the spotless mind
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Aspiring veggie55, Hereford and Worcester
Catch 22
The Knights Tale
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Garyd159, Greater London
3 men in a boat
New England (Billy Bragg)
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