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kale5258, North Yorkshire
A Little Dog Like You
All the things you are
The Winslow Boy
If Slaughterhouses had glass walls...
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chari_h34, Surrey
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arriving somewhere but not here - Porcupine Tree
Waking Life, The Fountain
We are the universe experiencing itself. That's why we're here - Carl Sagan
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meatismurder59, Lincolnshire
run for home
gregorys girl
there's only one way of life and that's your own
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sam_169029, Somerset
i am legend
MUSE - Bliss
fear and loathing in las vegas
the only prison is the mind
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RobSamuel35, London
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway
Suzanne - Leonard
The Tale of Kasper Hauser - Werzog
"She loved me for the danger I had passed and I loved her that she did pity t...
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forestvegan49, Gloucestershire
animal free shopper
meat means murder by conflict NOT the smiths!
texas chain saw massacre
Coming soon
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Sunrise650, Surrey
The Prophet
Nature Boy
Cinema Paradiso
Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear ...
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Hicwneerg41, London
Killing Pablo
My own prison
Mission to mars
If you keep on doing the same thing!!!
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miha0135, London
romeo juliete
little things
lords of dog town
what you can do tomorow change to after tomorow
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axlrox43, South Yorkshire
The Dark Half
Dead Horse
Breakfast Club
Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?
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nebulae_beauty38, Oxfordshire
Flowers for Algernon
Beatles - In My Life
Shawshank Redemption
Will update!
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Cambridge / London35, Cambridgeshire
Ask for my
Brighton Rock
I have no idea on this one, but it's a compulsory field
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MementoWolf31, West Midlands
The World Without Us (being polite, favourite book is actually the one I wrote)
Rockin My Blues to Sleep
Game of Thrones (atm, subject to change)
“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving saf...
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Theo Laughlin51, Wrexham
man's search of meaning.. Viktor Frankl
The bold privateer..Kate Rusby
Lar's and the real girl
'Its not the strongest that survive nor the most intelligent but the ones mos...
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mozzer2351, Greater Manchester
everything i do
notting hill
Coming soon
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Ardragon35, Berkshire
Chronicles of Predain, LOTR
Dunno, too many i like
LOTR, Matrix1,
See a bit of beauty in everything
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sundried64, London
The Rudiments of Music by: William Lovelock
Red River Valley
The Robot vs.The Aztec Mummy
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
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mati1979a40, Greater London
Bicenntenial Man
Too many to list
Patch Adams
Live and let live
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richinname44, Warwickshire
Performance 2 stroke tuning, Graham A. Bell
Nothing else matters (metallica)
Pump up the volume (Christian Slater)
So Be It..
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nyghtowl50, Gloucestershire
Mythago Wood - Robert Holdstock
McGoohans Blues - Roy Harper; Do the owe us a living - Crass; This Womans Wor...
7 Samurai; Fear and loathing; 13th floor; being john malcovich; burn after re...
"Always speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.". William Blake - Poe...
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