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Jay001249, Lancashire
The Killing Joke-Alan Moore
This Charming Man- The Smiths
we are here to laugh at the odds and live so well that death will tremble to ...
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chrisJB50, London
charlie and the chocolate factory
enjoy the silence
blade runner/the shawshank redemption
free at last
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Bengilbert135, Gloucestershire
Donna tartt - the secret history
stand by me- Ben e king
Withnail and I
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ESSEX_Vegan31, Essex
Dear world, see what I see - My vegan path (Shanti Urreta)
Redemption song - Bob marley
They live
When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
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rockinvegan141, Kent
to many to mention
go your own way : fleetwood mac
shawshank redemption
the only limits are the ones we place on ourselfs
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StanLee127, Essex
Going Postal
My Way - Frank Sinatra
Terminator 2
Try to be the rainbow in someones cloud
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nadagone37, London
Crying of Lot 49
Vitamin C
The Colour Of Pomegranates
When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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Flipper155, Derbyshire
On the road. Jack Kerouac
Cowboys and angels.
The Godfather
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it...
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Calbum35, Essex
Orix and crake
Dirty magic - The Offspring
Coming soon
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levelledout35, Essex
George Orwell - Animal Farm
King Blues - I Got Love
This Is England
Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything
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Perryb32, Essex
Power of now
How to save a life
In bruge
Live and die without regrets
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Delayed_Revelations31, Devon
David Gemmel
how to train your dragon
Coming soon
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magnus41, London
jonathan livingstone
black - pearl jam
cloud atlas
it is by will alone I set my mind in motion
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Stephane34, London
L'écume des jours
How to create an enemy
Les invasions barbares
Ceux qui croient que c'est impossible sont priés de ne pas déranger ceux qui ...
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Jonny31, West Sussex
Camus - The Stranger
Bowie - Sound and Vision
Pierrot le Fou
I'm not really here. It's research. I'm Louis Theroux...
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matt00138, London
Catch 22
Plastic palace people
Blade Runner
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duncan7247, Aberdeen City
Firestorm (Earth Crisis)
Star Wars
Every hill climbed is one less to conquer
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Blueeyedboy252, Hampshire
The God Delusion
A Moment Of Madness
Saturday Night Fever
Live and let live
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VegSam35, Merseyside
Down and out in Paris and London
Whatever - Oasis
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ian,sheffield48, South Yorkshire
Change Your Mind by Paramananda
Belfast Child by Simple Minds
Citizen X
It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again
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