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Rthorn24, Lancashire
In The Shadow of Man
Strawberry Fields
Nowhere Boy
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seth466646, East Sussex
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friendlyvegan42, Tyne and Wear
gorillas in the mist
dancing on the ceiling
king pin
I would be so grateful for a vegan woman in my life
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Glaw145, Cheshire
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky
Everyday is Like Sunday
Nothing's forgotten; nothing is ever forgotten
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grower63, Somerset
Under the Greenwood Tree
Who knows where the time goes
Manon des source
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lindamccartneysausage25, London
hall & oates - out of touch
white chicks
"give your meat a good ol rub"
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Mandrake66, Essex
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Stairway to heaven
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Live the day
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Juris (VeganMadScientist)34, London
Pale Blue Dot
No Zone
You can have it right, or you can have it right now.
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Morganism7147, Nottinghamshire
The Great Gatsby
Roadhouse Blues
Cinema Paradiso
Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes
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Paul143, Somerset
It depends how I feel
As with song
There's enough for all of our need but not for all of our greed
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David&Pooch48, Derbyshire
Message in a Bottle
Still pondering this one...
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browner58, Bristol
Impossible to say but I do read occasionally
Conflict-Meat Means Murder
Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees
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boogaloo dude58, Surrey
To kill a mockingbird
life on mars
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AndrewM55, Nottinghamshire
Any Non Fiction
Any Pink Floyd
Ted 2
Strangest world I've ever known. Jim Morrison
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LostParadise43, West Midlands
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Paradise Lost - True Belief
Léon: The Professional
I love these quiet moments before the storm
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Alex336, London
Hotel California
National treasure
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JohnnyW43, Essex
Anything by Henning Mankell/James Lee Burke
At the moment: Shook Ones - Order Form
Horror, War, Thrillers.
Every dog has it's day
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Luke198336, London
Game of Thrones
Bad Religion - Sorrow
I do like a bit of The Boondock Saints
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Damo246, Hampshire
The China Study
Always look on the bright side of life, doo doo
scary movie series
Today you are you, this is truer than true, there is nobody alive who is youe...
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Jamie645, Berkshire
Don't get much time for reading but have The Hammer Blow by Andrea Needham on...
Karma Police
Life of Brian
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