Vegan Lotus
Vegan Lotus60, Kent
"Flowing river thru meadows into sea"
Favourite Book: Impossible to Choose Even a Few
Favourite Song: Street Life-The Crusaders, ALL OF Joan Armatrading, MOST OF Dianne Reeves, Patti Smith, Rickie Lee Jones, Janis Joplin, Queensryche, The Silencers, Jestofunk, Greg Osby, Incognito, Desree, Mike Oldfield, Roxanne, P.M.Dawn, R.E.M., Massive Attack, Mo Wax
Favourite Film: Brave Heart, Dancing with Wolves, Ne Le Repète à Personne, The
Favourite Quote: Trust Through Friendship Peace Through Trust

Additional Information

3 things I could not live without:
Daily Practice
A bit about me...:
Hey, Thanks for reading: Romantic and Aware Vegan by Nature, Intensely Green, Practising Buddhism, Compassionate Inborn Spiritual Healer, Tender, Loving, Compassionate, Cuddly, Sensual, Very Subtly Tactile, Passionate about all of Love's expressions and Life, leading intense life, studying and practicing extensively, am much traveled, all this is shaping me some! Am very gay, can be sweet, clowning, some wry humour, spontaneous, cute, long golden hair, fit (Certified Gym & Fitness Instructor), bit wild, out of norms, dancing, singing, music lover, water sports, cycling, concerned by young generation & future, polyglot, Green minded since childhood, living on this path, have led others to it and vegan diet.-To me the Vegan path is not only logical and natural but all the rest does not make much sense.-Have studied and practiced extensively various Natural Therapies and have healed many people. Am proficient in all types of massage techniques, reflexology and Shiatsu as studied and practised them since age 15, my hands love skin and relieving pain. -Am sociable, get on with most people, like to party some but also need lots time and space by myself in and outdoors. Am very independent, like people who are too. Am a good cook, gourmet, all people Vegan or not alike, appreciate my dishes. -Like my home space very clean, rather tidy. Need a clear big clean space plan on floor as live on floor, needing to dance, jump, roll, contort as am very supple, need stretching.-Cycle on mountain bike as means of transport/for fun. Also roller-skate, scuba dive, windsurf, rock and tree climbing, exercising all sorts of ways, am a Sea/Ocean person and Trees are very vital too as is pure water; trees are healing, in particular oak which is my very special tree since always.-Wild herbs are another must as need collecting them for cooking, drinking, eating raw and healing. I love and needs lots of raw food but am also a sucker for hot sauce! Also Singer, Writer and Composer, need Music and to Sing. Much more but especially want to learn, to be taught what I don't know at last really sharing and exchanging knowledge/experience with Highly Evolved Spiritual Healer!
For me the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian are...:
I don't know how to be or could be anything else so I don't think that way
but it is the only GREEN Attitude benefitting the Planet, respecting All Life, myself included
Funniest/worst comment I regularly hear about being a veggie/vegan...:
I don't pay attention so I don't hear, responding to stupidity just breeds more stupidity
I am hoping to meet...:
ALL (or most) IN ANY ORDER: Healthy Caring Sensual Man for Loving Companionship+Joint Venture, Adventurous World Traveler, Skipper, Aware, VEGAN, Fruitarian, Rawfoodist, Highly Perceptive, Healer, Loyal, Trustworthy, Faithful, Bold, Dependable, Experienced, Fascinating, Fully Independent, Free, Supple, Agile, very Fit/Athletic, Swift, Detoxified, Strong in Body/Spirit, Non-Smoker, Lean, Rich Hair Mane, Hard-Wearing, Tall, Flat Tummy, Really Intelligent, Resourceful, Good Cook/Masseur with Exquisite Touch, Subtle, Self-Confident, Deeply Intuitive and Perceptive like me, Knowing in depth Nature's Workings/Law of Universe, Life's Cycles. Clean Man inside and out, Cultured, Deep Understanding of all Life Entities, Not Intellectual though Educated, Communicative, Tender Loving, Cuddly, Respectful, Funny, Sense of Humour, Not Taking Himself too Seriously, Refined Spirit, Witty, Polyglot, Open to other Cultures, Fully Aware of his Role on the Planet, Continuously Realizing Himself, Green Alternative Energy+Life Choices, Dynamic but Calm, Good Singing Voice or into Music, Good Listener, etc... must hold High Ethical Values to be a Vigorous, Enduring, Courageous Man/Father, Standing up for Justice and Respect, a Guiding Supportive Father to Future Children. Am willing to relocate if enabling the enactment of right lifemate highly vibrational historical drama...
If I could be any animal for a day, I would be a... because...:
I would be a monkey for I am a flexible acrobatic mover who loves climbing, leaping and taking the plundge... Quite articulate and expressive, making faces, so Monkey face, but cats are a fascinating favourite too and so are horses, dolphins, birds, deer, goats, etc...
If I won the lottery I would...:
Would implement and accomplish many projects (music, green sustainable energy and agricultural preserving and enhancing wild environment, educational, wellness, health and healing, etc.) that are pending and treat the people I love, You?
My favourite vegan / vegetarian meal is?:
Lots of raw food, sprouted seeds, almonds, raw cocoa, goji, raisins, sesame, wide ranging backed food sweet and savoury, marinades, mousses, sherbets, wide ranging all flavours, shapes and sizes pudds, hot and spicy, all different curries, dips, fruits, herbs, seeds, grains, pulses, seaweeds, steamed vegs, yeasts, ferments, just got to be a good cook, with great multicultural food flavours borrowing to the worlds' finest cuisine varied styles and nutrition knowledge combined with a refined palate. I just HATE Melon, Sunflower Seeds and Oil, which are a big NoNo
My favourite vegan / vegetarian restaurant is?:
Don't know any at present and home cooking is sooooooo enjoyable
My guests (living or dead, actual people or fictional characters) to the ultimate dinner party would include...:
There is no such thing as the ultimate dinner party, hahahahahaha! Too funny!
My ideal date would be (e.g. candlelit dinner):
Surprise, special thoughtful attention, sharing a caring powerful vibe, great conversation and silence filled with meaning, music if indoors, can be great outdoors under the stars, tantalizing smells, tastes, food, drink, shared cosiness feeling, perceptions and sensitivity, lots of smiles and laughter together. Go walkabout in the forest or by the shore, shared feeling of comfort, awareness of perceptions and sensitivity, lots of smiles and laughter together. Outdoors in a beautiful spot walking together is another great way to be feeling the counterpart's pace and rhythm, inner and outer. Some mystery must remain, respecting each other's secret garden... I am open to beauty in whichever form.
My ideal vacation would be:
For now exploring New Zealand together with my Man so a long cosmic mind blowing one. Sailing is my favourite topmost travel means, mmmmmmmmmmh catamaran!

Quick Details

Body Type: Athletic
Diet: vegan
Do I want chidren?: Yes
Dream home: Beach House, House in the country, Yacht
Education: University
Eye Color: Hazel
Favourite music: Blues, Classical, Dance, Folk, Funk, Garage, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock, World
Hair Color: Rainbow
Height: 5ft6 - 5ft9
Hobbies: Cooking, Extreme Sports, Live Music, Music, Reading, Relaxing!, Sports/Fitness, Travelling, Writing
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Love: Animals, Babies, Exercise, Grapefruit, Journeys, Mornings
Love less!: Piercings, Reality TV, Tattoos
Religion: Buddhist
Smoke?: Never
Star sign: Aries
Style of dress: Combats, trainers..., Gucci, Prada..., Heels, heels, heels!, Jeans & T-shirt
Vegan/Veggie for:: All my life
Vegetarian because:: Ethical & Health
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