DOVahKiiN32, Kent
"The earth and its inhabitants deserve more respect from us"
Favourite Book: several
Favourite Song: Perpetually changing
Favourite Film: dragon heart
Favourite Quote: the laws of time are mine and they will obey me

Additional Information

3 things I could not live without:
oxygen, food and drink of course ;p
A bit about me...:
Current Content
Firstly I do not conform to societal norms and I am very eccentric so if you are looking for those whose minds are confined by a containment construct, you can move on now. Otherwise, welcome.
Hi, My name is Lee and live in Deal, kent.
I enjoy many activities including martial arts(especially aikido and tai chi though I don't currently practice any), reading, going to the cinema, socialising with friends and you could say the odd video game.
I have strong beliefs when it comes down to Animals and the Environment. I am a Vegan at heart, having before been a strong vegetarian.
I donate to animal and environmental charities and sign millions of petitions everyday. Fine, I sign about 10-30
I also enjoy making people laugh.
For me the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian are...:
knowing that i am not contributing to this barbaric act and reducing my impact on this planet and its inhabitants.
Funniest/worst comment I regularly hear about being a veggie/vegan...:
not regular, but someone once asked if I would eat an insect if it saved a family member.
I am hoping to meet...:
I am simply looking for someone who enjoys similar hobbies to my own, same beliefs, and has a good sense of humour. I am looking for a relationship, friendship or simply a chat!
If I could be any animal for a day, I would be a... because...:
a tree, that way, I don't contribute to the harm of another living being and I know a tree isn't an animal, but who cares :p
If I won the lottery I would...:
save some and give some away to some to animal and environmental charities and open an animal sanctuary. I would like to buy swathes of land and ban harmful practices there but alas, I would never win that much.
My favourite vegan / vegetarian meal is?:
It depends what my next great successful experiment is. Though I have many good smoothies.
My favourite vegan / vegetarian restaurant is?:
the only one I know, vegbox in Canterbury. Though it is more than just a veggie/vegan eatery. They also use organic ingredients and biodegradable cutlery and cups and recyclable boxes that the food is served in.
My guests (living or dead, actual people or fictional characters) to the ultimate dinner party would include...:
naruto, luffy, natsu, zion and ichigo along with the greatest scientific minds this world has known. Just to see the conversations they would have.
My ideal date would be (e.g. candlelit dinner):
sitting next to a river stream ect under a full moon and stars shining with a clear sky or taking a stroll through nature chatting. anything away from urban eyesores really
My ideal vacation would be:
Somewhere secluded in nature.

Quick Details

Body Type: Average
Diet: vegan
Do I have children?: No
Do I want chidren?: No
Dream home: Beach House, House in the country, Tent
Drink?: Tee-total
Education: College
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5ft9 - 6ft
Hobbies: Cinema, Cooking, Music, Reading, Relaxing!, Sports/Fitness, Video Games, Yoga
Languages: English
Love: Animals, Rain, Winter
Love less!: Babies, Grapefruit, Politics, Wealth
Religion: Agnostic
Smoke?: Never
Star sign: Leo
Style of dress: Style... what style?
Vegan/Veggie for:: 10 years +
Vegetarian because:: Ethical & Health
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