envoisie42, Hampshire
"here to make friends"
Favourite Book: A State of Denmark
Favourite Song: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson
Favourite Film: Jaws
Favourite Quote: We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities. Oscar Wilde

Additional Information

3 things I could not live without:
Hmm, I think I could do without a lot of things. However, my list goes:


a sense of security

a sense of belonging (to somewhere)
A bit about me...:
Time for an update, as I'm now older and wiser. (I'm hoping about this wiser bit.)

I'm now a veteran veggie according to this site, as I'm an old timer of over ten years. Woohoo!

Most of my friends are meat-eaters, and I would really like to meet some more vegetarians and vegans to talk to. I'm bored with the normal dinner conversations about what, why and how I'm eating!

I like trying new things, and enjoy new experiences. Although I do sometimes need a little prod to try these new things! (So I guess I'm looking for someone to challenge my status quo!)

I like lotsa stuff, which includes socialising, comedy, film, sport, music and all the usual things that people like. But I'm also in to the environment and nature (although who isn't on this site..?), comic art, animation, sculpture, sailing, trying to hang ten on breakers big as condos, travel and other stuff.

I work for myself (sorta), and enjoy what I do. But I have spent a lot of time at work over the last couple of years... I think it's time to enjoy a bit more time with someone else and not my job.

Generally though, I'm a fun sorta guy. I think (read: hope) my friends would call me an interesting person who's a good laugh. maybe.
For me the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian are...:
It doesn't take me long to pick things off a menu at an ordinary restaurant. (you're lucky if they might have TWO things a herbivore can eat!)
Funniest/worst comment I regularly hear about being a veggie/vegan...:
Why don't you want a Haribo sweetie..?
Oh, what's gelatine?
Eugh... it's made with what..?!
I am hoping to meet...:
Someone who will force me to live on soya products. Ahem, well no, not really. Perhaps just use gentle coercion...
If I could be any animal for a day, I would be a... because...:
A cormorant - as they get to soar in the skies and dive below the depths. plus they can walk on the land... it would be great to be able to see the world from those three perspectives.
If I won the lottery I would...:
settle my family's debts. and build my own house. and also, have a HUGE party!
My favourite vegan / vegetarian meal is?:
Some kind of thai veggie dish. probably Tom Ka with tofu instead of the usual chicken.
My favourite vegan / vegetarian restaurant is?:
Only ever been to one, if I remember rightly. It was called Hitchcocks, and it was in Hull. It was really brilliant, and I ate far too much. If you're in Hull definitely go there. If you book the table early enough in the day, you get to set the menu's theme for the entire restaurant that evening. E.G. Indian, Italian, Yorkshire-fare, etc. Fantastic Idea!
My ideal vacation would be:
a sailing holiday around the east coast of australia. with surf, scuba and siesta stops along the way. super!

Quick Details

Body Type: Athletic
Do I have children?: No
Do I want chidren?: Yes
Dream home: Beach House
Drink?: Regularly
Education: University
Eye Color: Blue
Favourite music: Blues, Dance, Folk, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6ft3 - 6ft-6
Hobbies: Art, Cinema, Clubbing, Extreme Sports, Music, Photography, Reading, Sports/Fitness, Travelling, Video Games
Languages: English, Spanish
Love: Animals, Computers, Exercise, Journeys, Rain, Winter
Love less!: Mornings, Poodles, Reality TV
Religion: Spiritual
Smoke?: Never
Star sign: Scorpio
Style of dress: Combats, trainers..., Jeans & T-shirt, Style... what style?
Vegan/Veggie for:: 10 years +
Vegetarian because:: Moral reasons
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