Ardragon35, Berkshire
"Man in shining white... jacket looking for damsel (not necesarrily in distress)"
Favourite Book: Chronicles of Predain, LOTR
Favourite Song: Dunno, too many i like
Favourite Film: LOTR, Matrix1,
Favourite Quote: See a bit of beauty in everything

Additional Information

3 things I could not live without:
Love, happiness, joy
A bit about me...:
Knight in Shining... ermm... Jacket looking for Damsel in Distress [or Friendly Dragon].
I'm a person who is passionate about many things, looking for someone who can share the enthusiasm, crazyness, and fun; friendship or romance.

I love painting, writing, reading, video games, cooking, animals [NOT 'cooking animals'], computers, photography, movies, composing music, playing piano, singing, swimming, badminton, walking in the mountains, philosophizing, traveling, and so much more! I'm never bored, and wish there were a 100hrs in a day!* I am occasionally spiritual, don't smoke, don't do drugs, drink rarely and think running is the most fun way of getting places [preferably accompanied by much arm-waving and shouting]. I speak fluent Dutch, a bit of French, and a smidgeon of English [I'm also a Cambridge certified English teacher :)]
Laughter is healthy for the soul, but I can be quite serious [sometimes]. I have blue eyes and dark-blond hair.
For me the benefits of being vegan/vegetarian are...:
Not having to kill or hurt animals to live.
Being healthier.
Funniest/worst comment I regularly hear about being a veggie/vegan...:
Funniest: but if you've been a vegetarian all your life, how'd you grow so tall?
Worst: so you'll have some chicken or seafood then?
I am hoping to meet...:
As above. :)
If I could be any animal for a day, I would be a... because...:
Dragon... because, well, it's obvious, isn't it? ;)
If I won the lottery I would...:
Buy lots of land to make it a sort of wildlife haven. Donate most of the rest to animal and human charities, and use what's left to travel around the world, buy some books and games, and a little place to live.
My favourite vegan / vegetarian meal is?:
Veggie Lasagna, Indonesian Gado Gado with rice, maccaroni cheese, raw chicori, and I'll stop here because I've too many favourite things :)
My favourite vegan / vegetarian restaurant is?:
Cafe Paradiso, Cork, Ireland.
My ideal date would be (e.g. candlelit dinner):
Just holding each other, with lots of cuddling and being mesmerized by each other's eyes, under warm blankets by a woodfire and the lights dimm on a snowy night.
My ideal vacation would be:
Traveling around the world with someone I love, meeting many different people, cultures, places and animals.
Exploring Irish oak-forests together (and no, I'm not Irish).

Quick Details

Body Type: Average
Do I have children?: No
Do I want chidren?: Not sure
Dream home: Beach House, Castle, House in the country, Loft Apartment
Education: University
Eye Color: Blue
Favourite music: Classical, Hip-Hop, R&B, World
Hair Color: Light Brown
Height: 6ft - 6ft3
Hobbies: Art, Cinema, Cooking, Music, Painting, Photography, Reading, Relaxing!, Sports/Fitness, Travelling, Video Games, Writing
Languages: Dutch, English
Love: Animals, Computers, Exercise, Journeys, Rain
Love less!: Mornings, Politics, Reality TV
Religion: Spiritual
Smoke?: Never
Star sign: Aries
Style of dress: Combats, trainers..., Jeans & T-shirt, Shirt & Tie, Style... what style?
Vegan/Veggie for:: All my life
Vegetarian because:: Moral reasons
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