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If I won the lottery I would... 1 2 3 4
be most surprised, especially since I don't do it. Of course, the money would be fun to have, but I have discovered in my life that the less actual *cash* you need, the happier life becomes. I prefer to make things for myself, to recycle, and invent. I am a big fan of the Arts and Crafts Movement, but am not very good at the decorative side; making useful things attractive as well. Can you show me how ?
Donate, donate, donate then leave a modest amount for myself to move away to somewhere overlooking the sea or I would buy lots of farm land and start a massive forest re-plantation project
be a bit shocked. I wouldn't buy a ticket to line the pockets of Camelot. If I want to support a charity I'll donate direct.
If I won the lottery I would be better off and probably slightly more popular. Oh I don't know what I'd do. Probably sort out my brother and a couple of friends with flats and then go and live by the sea.