Frequently Asked Questions

Date FAQ
06/08/11 Blocking & Unblocking members
Blocking members from contacting you
05/12/11 Playing Blind Date
Play BlindDate on the website with other singles.
05/12/11 Cookies FAQs
Using cookies to access the site
05/12/11 Contacting Site Members
Seen someone you like? Take the initiative and drop them an email.
Who knows where it might lead... perhaps to a lifelong friendship, perhaps up the aisle!
05/12/11 Who's been viewing me?
Monitor who is viewing your profile.
05/12/11 Searching profiles
How to search our system
05/12/11 Profile Settings
Setting and changing your profile
05/12/11 Creating & Updating your Profile
Creating your profile
05/09/11 Playing: Who Wrote That
How to play the 'who wrote that' game
04/20/11 Searching for members
How do search for other members?
04/20/11 Uploading and deleting photos
How do I upload / edit / remove a photo?
04/20/11 Updating your profile
How to edit your profile